The representation of our retardation, Mr. PED.

Welcome to the The Mindless Shenanigans Wiki!Edit

The Mindless Shenanigans crew or the Mindf@$#s as another in-movie name, are a group of guys being high most of the time, but don't actually do any drugs. So you could say they are on life, but really, we are just taking off the fumes of Ianfinity. This wiki is for our closest friends and homies right now, so if you are a visitor, welcome! Go here if you think this is too much for you . Please click on that random page button if you are feeling lucky, other than that, peace out. Brofist. By the way... the pages on the wiki may not be complete, they are just reminders for me to actually make them, anything with red text does not exist I think. And if you are new, just read those rules down there, and don't find loopholes, because I'll be waiting there, with a knife, and a gun, and a David Hasselhoff.

-Swordsman James


  1. No editing pages unless you truly know about the topic, which most random people probably won't know about.
  2. No design changes.
  3. Please ask me, Swordsman James, before making any major changes.
  4. Don't ask to become an admin, there are only 5 of us here.
  5. Trolls and asshats will be destroyed immediately.

Note To the AdminsEdit

This wiki contains some ideas and such. If you wish to start adding some information to pages or even create a page altogether, make sure you visit the talk page and drop down a request for Swordsman James's idea book. He will give you a random idea, or a requested idea at request, and you can write about it if you know enough about it. Remember the 6 categories and their special prequesties when adding a page. Type in the category name inside the Add Category box and then press enter. It should register itself on that certain category. Also: if you are simply changing something on a page, click minor edit above Publish, it just keeps stuff less uncluttered. If you have created a new page, let me know in the "summary of edit" box, and don't hit minor edit. Thanks.